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Welcome to Wild Bass, where we delve into the murky depths of the delightful (and sometimes hazardous) Dorset coast to bring you the very latest in the world of UK boat fishing.

Boat fishing is an exciting yet often dangerous occupation, with fishermen sometimes having to risk their lives under extremely harsh weather conditions, so it’s definitely not a profession for the faint of heart among us! We know it can be absolutely back breaking work when you’re out there for hours in a storm battered boat, rain soaked, and freezing cold, however we’re sure you’ll agree, the satisfaction of catching a live one more than makes up for all the pain.

Follow our fascinating sneak peek video series as we profile the intrepid fishermen from the Weymouth and Portland Bass and charter fleet throughout the year, and pick up an expert tip or three on how to up your game from them.  We’ll be taking a peek at how the commercial rod and line fishermen do it, but we’ll also be profiling private boats, as well as taking a look at on-the-shore anglers too, so there’s sure to be something to suit absolutely everyone’s approach and level.

We’ll be taking a close up look at the kit the professional’s use to catch so you’ll know where to snag some expert gear for yourself. While you’re aboard with us, why not fish for tips on how to catch more fish with our handy expert guides, as well as read up on all the issues currently affecting the industry in our informative up-to-date news section, both from the commercial and pleasure anglers view.

Having caught some delicious fish, we will give you some great tips on how to prepare and cook them. We will be featuring videos and recipes from some of the best chefs from the top pubs and restaurants  in Dorset.

We specialize in the Dorset waters, but we’re more than sure that if you’re a Boat fisher out there anywhere in the UK, you’ll want to bookmark us so you can return again and again to trawl our pages for useful information.

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