The fingers of dawn tease in a brand new day’s rise,

so quickly ‘fore she breaks pack up with fresh supplies.

For again you must enter Mother Ocean’s deep,

to plough her waters for a worthy haul to keep.

Masada sunset.jpg

The early morning light shines an eerie half blue,

as wearily, your sleepy body tries to defy you.

But a new day, a new chance, a new catch is dawning,

So tally ho and sail forth into the eye of morning.

Kellsy Jane

 No matter the weather, storm, rain, wind, or sun,

as the rays creep up Lady Dawn has surely won.

So load up your bait and brace well your sail,

lower down the lines, in wind, in shine, and gale.


Maybe you can catch a break, perhaps you’ll be the one?

To see the dawn break o’er your face as you bask in the sun.

At sunset will you sail back with a boat full of plunder?

Making that hard won catch worthy of the wind and thunder.

Liam Bass

The gruelling work just makes the glory all the more thrilling,

as with each brand new adventure you get star billing.

You’re the hero of your story, it’s the reason why you rise,

so awaken before dawn and greet the morning skies.