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Wild bass numbers are declining so what can be done to boost the species?

A recent article in The Times reported on EU proposals to limit the number of sea bass caught in UK and European waters – the end goal being to maintain sustainable levels of the species which, as recent figures show, are currently seriously depleted. But the piece also highlighted serious flaws in the proposed legislation – and showed how responsible, sustainable rod and line anglers would actually be the ones to seriously lose out if the measure was to go ahead.

No one would argue against the case for ensuring stocks of Sea Bass, one of the most popular and overfished species, remain plentiful, and after looking at the recent set of figures collected by the International Council for the Exploration of the Seas, no one could fail to see that current levels are at an all-time low.DSC_0024

This depletion is due in part to repeated aggressive trawling by non-sustainable commercial fleets, but a smaller part of it can also be attributed to landings of undersized bass by uneducated rod and line anglers, who are ignorant of the current minimum landing size guidelines.

As well, there is a serious inequity between the amount of bass French trawlers take from UK and European waters compared with the amount retrieved by UK commercial fleet annually, with the French contingent taking triple the quantity that British trawlers do. Read More »


On average, every year in the UK 68 fishermen are killed or injured, most of whom will not have been wearing an adequate personal flotation safety device or life preserver. As commercial fishing becomes ever more hazardous, and as more and more fishermen lose their lives to the seas, safety measures such as wearing a life jacket should become a primary concern to all of us.


We respect tides, coastal safety procedures, and good sailing practices, and know how to read potentially hazardous weather conditions like the back of our (often chaffed) hands but when it comes to insuring our lives by donning a life preserver we are unlikely to participate. Why is this exactly?



The problem is twofold. Read More »

The European sea bass is an important high value quarry to the UK commercial fishing industry, with more than 100,000 tonnes of bass being farmed abroad each year, at a total first sale value of around £4.5 million.

But are the UK’s commercial fishermen, dubbed the “last remaining hunter gatherers” by industry body Seafish, getting a raw deal?   Ever-tightening sustainability legislation increasingly seems to want to tighten the net around their working practices, limiting where, when, and how they can fish, and making it harder than ever to land a good catch.  



The UK commercial fishing industry is one of the country’s most profitable home grown industries, and a working commercial fisherman can be proud of holding the dubious title of most hazardous working occupation in Britain today. Total value landings of commercial fleets in the UK total £770 million yearly, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The fishing industry supports well over  20,000 UK jobs, in all manner of related industries, providing a serious boost to the economy, and ensuring British employment opportunities and livelihoods.


Commercial sea bass anglers often risk their lives to land highly profitable bass catches, with much of their revenue coming from supplying high end restaurants with this popular seafood dish. Read More »


The fingers of dawn tease in a brand new day’s rise,

so quickly ‘fore she breaks pack up with fresh supplies.

For again you must enter Mother Ocean’s deep,

to plough her waters for a worthy haul to keep.

Masada sunset.jpg

The early morning light shines an eerie half blue,

as wearily, your sleepy body tries to defy you.

But a new day, a new chance, a new catch is dawning,

So tally ho and sail forth into the eye of morning.

Kellsy Jane

 No matter the weather, storm, rain, wind, or sun,

as the rays creep up Lady Dawn has surely won.

So load up your bait and brace well your sail,

lower down the lines, in wind, in shine, and gale.


Maybe you can catch a break, perhaps you’ll be the one?

To see the dawn break o’er your face as you bask in the sun.

At sunset will you sail back with a boat full of plunder?

Making that hard won catch worthy of the wind and thunder.

Liam Bass

The gruelling work just makes the glory all the more thrilling,

as with each brand new adventure you get star billing.

You’re the hero of your story, it’s the reason why you rise,

so awaken before dawn and greet the morning skies.




At Wild Bass we want to promote responsible fishing, both by commercial fishermen and pleasure anglers alike. I had the article below written and researched for me, to try and help people understand the pressures that fishermen face in their quest for Bass. Read More »